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Residential Aide

The role of the Residential Aide (RA) is to assist the clients with their immediate and concrete needs at the site. The units, across the five boroughs of New York City, are funded by the Department of Homeless Services (DHS). The Residential Aide performs a variety of office activities to manage and monitor client needs on-site. Their direct responsibilities include working with security personnel and CCS social services staff to provide a safe shelter environment for the displaced families. Additionally, the RA assists the residents in promoting self-sufficiency and integration of the client into the community.

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Director of Social Services

The Director of Social Services is responsible for the overall management of multiple social service programs. These comprehensive programs practice independently at the CCS transitional sites. Services include: assessments, counseling, linkage with entitlements, employment resources, and health and educational services. These programs are geared to strengthen clients’ independent living skills and ensure a successful search for employment, and expeditious placement into permanent housing.

Residential Aide Shift Supervisor

The role of the Residential Aide Shift Supervisor is to help maintain an efficient and satisfactory work environment at the sites and to oversee the Residential Aides. Their specific duties include supervising a small team of Residential Aides, interacting directly with the clients, reviewing the necessary paperwork, and cooperating with CCS and DHS to help implement new programming policies. Their role will require commuting between the various site locations. 


Program Director

Reporting to the Executive Staff, the Program Director is responsible for the overall management of the entire program. The Program Director leads the program in achieving its goal of assisting clients to overcome barriers to secure permanent housing. The Program Director corresponds with the Childrens Community Services, Inc. (CCS) Board and the Department of Homeless Services (DHS) to ensure that all facilities are in accordance with all DHS’ safety and regulations standards. Additionally, the Program Director supervises each department in their assigned facilities to provide exceptional service to our clients. 

Director of Program Operations

The role of the Director of Program Operations is to oversee all the operations staff in order to help maintain an efficient and satisfactory work environment at the CCS transitional sites. Duties include: directly supervising the Residential Aides (RA), RA Shift Supervisors, CCS Call Center representatives, and clients. The Director of Program Operations must travel between sites, and communicate with CCS and DHS management to implement new policies and procedures at the CCS operational sites.


Housing Specialist

The Housing Specialist assists families with the process of searching for housing and assigning placement. They work together with support services to assist the household applicant in attaining permanent housing. The Housing Specialist performs a variety of office and field activities to manage a housing/transition program for families. These activities include direct client servicing and compiling related documentation, as well as educating all eligible participants to the housing programs to promote self-sufficiency and integration into the larger community.

Case Manager

The Case Manager offers support and provides the necessary resources to help the displaced families secure and maintain permanent housing. During clients’ stay in shelter, the Case Manager assists residents by assessing the needs, and collaborating with the residents to develop Independent Living Plans (ILP’s). The Case Manager will also provide services for referrals and advocacy where appropriate.

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Case Manager Supervisor

The Case Manager Supervisor is responsible for overseeing a group of Case Managers that work independently at our sites. Their responsibilities include the overall management and supervision of the social service staff to ensure maximum effectiveness and efficiency in the delivery of valuable service to our vulnerable families.  Case Manager Supervisors are ultimately responsible for planning and executing shelter activities, meeting contracted goals, and ensuring that all direct staff complete individual and case management documentation, housing applications, Independent Living Plans (ILP’s) and referrals to providers.